Audioplayer I. :::


..because the sound revolves in your ear so nicely..
slomoNOISE from frankfurt / main.
started 2011 as a doom-improvisation-project…
recorded in our bomb shelter in offenbach with some vintage and some modern sound transducers in the analog-electric domain and some gentle further processing in the digital world.
all carried out by our own highlander. well, he´d done that before.
so what´s on the disc then?
hellhammer, earth and even rites of spring are heard by some. we might not agree. so now your own judgement counts.
you can obviously expect steadily repetitive structures, beastly fragile walls of sound, lived feedback and heavily overlying laments.
ok then, drift around in our small ugly world and always have the volume higher than you can bear.
the pain will be rewarded!
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ER#175 planks : left us as ghosts CD


Planks : Left us as Ghosts CD


Planks started out in early 2007 as a three-piece band with a focus on early Mastodon mixed with
Breach and some sludge and crust. Later they moved away towards a more darker and melodic

This CD captures their first two years work: The debut LP and the 7” on Narshardaa Records,
the tracks from the splits with Tombs and Narsaak and their infamous demo.

19 songs with a playing time of 60 minutes.

Be prepared for a devestating, downtuned tank that runs on desperation and incooperates a lot of melodies as well as sheer brutality.

For fans of Mastodon, Isis, Eyehategod and His Hero Is Gone.